Denver Canine Club

7897 Natalie Commons Drive, Denver, NC 28037

Phone: (704)966-1795

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​​7897 Natalie Commons Drive 

Denver NC 28037​​


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Special Notice:

Christine Perry Photography - DCC Staff Photographer


HELP ME SAVE DENVER CANINE CLUB!  This is Bob Seitz, owner of Denver Canine Club (DCC).  The other owner, Pat McCaffery has petitioned the courts to dissolve DCC – she wants out.   If she were to be successful in destroying DCC, she would be kicking to the curb me, our great staff, wonderful customers and their pups. DCC would be no longer!  As creator, founder, owner and CEO of the company, my only goal is to keep DCC operating as the premier dog care center in the region. To that end, I’m seeking [a] new investor(s) to simply cosign the note with me, allowing Pat to depart without taking the company down with her.

Please click here for more information regarding my plan to continue to provide our community with the best dog care facility anywhere.

Any and all medications including vitamins, dietary 
supplements, probiotics, over the counter, and 
prescription drugs MUST be brought in to DCC in its 
ORIGINAL bottle/package or we can not dispense to your pup. This is a safety matter and we would never want to dispense incorrect meds to anyone’s pup. 
Thank you, Management!



Denver Canine Club provides a fun and safe environment for dogs to play with friends! With 3 large indoor playrooms, 6 large outdoor play yards, and an in-ground pool, your dog will have plenty of space to run! Dogs are separated by size and temperament and supervised by our highly trained and interactive staff.


Along with daycare and boarding we offer several other services for your convenience & enjoyment. These services include grooming, training, a members-only dog park & more! For more details click below.

Our spacious suites provide a very different feel than a traditional "kennel" environment where your dog is simply housed and fed. Our team lavishes lots of love on each dog and our club cameras allow you to monitor your pup during the day so you can rest easy that your best friend is in good hands! Dog Boarding in Davidson