​​With over 50 years of combined project management experience in the corporate IT world, P&B have learned the many nuances of team play. Most importantly, they realized that surrounding themselves with even more qualified folks than themselves makes the entire team that much greater. 

​DCC is staffed with well-trained, caring and energetic people who have only one combined goal: to provide the most positive, rewarding, fulfilling, and safe experience for every dog in their care. Hence, our tag line: “Total TLC” – Total Tender Loving Care.​

​​The efficient and accommodating facility and well-trained staff continues to grow. The entire DCC work force, including the owners,  undergo continuous education programs (CEP’s). Caddies are promoted and compensated for completing and demonstrating their knowledge of a myriad of training modules available through our CEP’s. The management team is already involved with training seminars, classes and other venues of continuing education in the dog care industry.

​Pat, Bob, Sweetpea and all of our caddies welcome you to Denver Canine Club! Please feel free to reach out to us through our contact information. We look forward to seeing you here and caring for your four-legged loved one!



​​Denver Canine Club (DCC) is the dream product of Bob Seitz and a rescue-dog named Sweetpea. Pat McCaffery joined the team to help bring the project to fruition.  Bob decided years ago that the best way to provide Sweetpea with the quality daycare and boarding that she and thousands of her furry friends deserved was to just build a super facility and staff it with the best people around. Pat brought in the economic elements to support Bob’s vision and together they made it happen.

Pat and Bob (P&B) scoured the internet and traveled as much as possible locally, researching what works and what does not work in the dog-care industry. Pat expanded on that knowledge base by joining several expert and certified dog training and facility management groups that specialize in the highest quality dog care. Punctuating their commitment to the best canine care possible, Bob became a Certified Dog Trainer.  Teaming up with Campbell Design and JD Goodrum, architect and builder, P&B incorporated all they learned into the ultimate dog care facility.