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  • Be careful entering a dog park gate. Other dogs tend to crowd around to greet arriving dog. This jostling and crowding can be quite intimidating to many dogs and may result in a skirmish, or worse.

  • Be extremely cautious if bringing children with you. Dogs and children can easily frighten one another and extra safety precautions should be taken when they’re together.

  • Supervise your dog. This is not the time for you to be distracted talking with other owners or reading a book. You must be monitoring your dog’s activities to make sure he is behaving well.

  • Be particularly watchful of small dogs around big dogs and separate into available yards when able. Don’t let big dogs frighten or threaten smaller dogs. We do have have separate yards for big dogs and small dogs so please make sure to keep them separate.

  • Don’t take any toys to the park your dog is not willing to share.

  • While treats can be a great way to reward good behavior, be careful about giving them to your dog when other dogs are nearby. If your dog can’t tolerate other dogs crowding around him/her wanting to share the goodies, treats may not be a good idea. Do not give treats to dogs that are not your own.

  • Pick up after your dog IMMEDIATELY!!! You don’t want to step in another dog’s poop any more than someone else wants to step in your dog’s mess.

  • If possible, avoid grabbing your dog’s collar when your dog is playing or interacting with other dogs. Such tugging can sometimes trigger threats and aggression toward your dog or dogs nearby.

  • If your dog seems to be fearful or is being “bullied” by other dogs, don’t let him stay, thinking he will “get over it,” or that he will learn to “stand up for himself.” Chances are greater, his behavior will get worse.

  • Don’t let other dogs threaten or scare your dog. If you are having a problem, report it to a manager.

  • If your dog is being a bully, being threatening or aggressive, or just seems to be overly excited, remove him or her from the park, either temporarily or permanently. Some dogs that are fine at daycare may not behave the same with their owner present. It is not fair to put other dogs at risk. Make the safety of other dogs and people as high a priority as the safety of your own.

  • If a fight does occur, do NOT scream and yell or get in between them. Use a hose, water bucket, calm but firm voice commands, or call a manager/Denver Canine Club employee.

  • Report any aggressive person or dog to a manager.

  • ​Be knowledgeable about dog body postures, communication signals and social behavior. You should be able to recognize stress, tension, fear, play, threats and aggression. Know the difference between play (which can be very active and sound violent) and real threats. Know when to intervene and when to stay out of an interaction among dogs. If you feel uninformed about canine behavior, learn more before taking your dog to a park. Harm can come to your dog if you under react as well as overreact.

  • Recognize that by taking your dog to a park, you are accepting a degree of risk that your dog may be injured or may injure another dog. While the Denver Canine Club Driving Range is safer than others due to its membership-only policy, there are always risks when taking your dog to any park.

For Driving Range Rules & Regulations click here.

Driving Range

Etiquette & Safety Tips