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Once you have registered your dog and we have gotten their vaccinations, please call us to schedule an appointment for your dog's temperament test. This assessment day is free and must be a minimum of 4 hours so that we can get a genuine feel for your dog's behavior and make sure they are a good fit for DCC.

What to do on your first day:

  • Drop off your dog between 6:30am - 2:30pm. All dogs must stay there for at least 4 hours on their first day.
  • ​Bring in a copy of your vet records if we have not yet received them. A receipt/certificate from a licensed vet showing your dog is current on the Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccines, and also that your dog has been given the Bordetella vaccine within the last 6 months is required. Your dog must also be on a flea/tick preventative. See our Daycare Requirements page for more information.
  • If wanted, provide a lunch/mid-day snack. We do not feed dogs anything except of what their owners provide or upon request due to allergies, food recalls, and stomach upsets, so if you would like your dog to be fed a lunch or snack mid-day please provide one.

What your dog can expect on their first day:

  • On your dog’s first day we slowly introduce him or her to the other dogs in group play. Initially, we will just walk your dog around the daycare so they can sniff around and get used to the new environment. Then, we enter the “testing zone” with your dog. Once your dog is comfortable, we will introduce one mild-mannered dog. If everything goes well we will proceed and slowly let more dogs in, until eventually your dog has met everyone! The first day of daycare should be at least four hours long, so that we can really get a sense of your dog’s personality and how he or she will do in this type of setting. However, if your dog is having a good time and you want, they can stay the whole day!
  • Owners may not be present for the assessment. Dogs often behave differently or get distracted if their owner is present making it difficult to accurately assess your dog’s temperament. However, feel free to call anytime during business hours to see how your dog is doing or check our "Caddie Cams."
  • ​​Not every dog is meant for daycare. While we would love for every dog to be able to participate at Denver Canine Club, unfortunately that is not a reality. Safety is a main priority at DCC, so we will be honest if we feel that your dog can threaten the safety of the others. Dogs exhibit aggressive behavior for several reasons including, but not limited to, fear, anxiety, dominance, and lack of socialization. So, even if you have never seen your dog exhibit aggressive behavior before, being in a new environment with several dogs can bring out new emotions and reactions you may have never witnessed. With that being said, daycare may not be the best fit for your dog and we want your dog to be as happy and comfortable as possible! 

If your dog has never been to Denver Canine Club before please fill out the new dog enrollment form by clicking below:

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