Denver Canine Club

7897 Natalie Commons Drive, Denver, NC 28037

Phone: (704)966-1795

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​​7897 Natalie Commons Drive 

Denver NC 28037​​


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  • MUST be a member of Denver Canine Club
  • MUST be within view and voice control of owner at all times
  • MUST be leashed when outside the gated enclosure
  • DO NOT take any toys to the park your dog is not willing to share

​     Owners/Handlers:

  • MUST have gone through our dog park orientation
  • MUST check in at front desk before anyone enters dog park
  • MAY NOT bring animals other than dogs into the park
  • MUST IMMEDIATELY clean up after dog
  • MUST keep park gates closed at all times
  • ARE SOLELY responsible for injuries and damage caused by their dog
  • MUST provide proper supervision to children under 18 years of age
  • NO smoking or drinking allowed on premises
  • MUST IMMEDIATELY remove your dog if being a problem (displaying aggressive behavior, excessive mounting, excessive barking, etc.) from park without debate

Driving Range

Driving Range Rules & Regulations