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7897 Natalie Commons Drive, Denver, NC 28037

Phone: (704)966-1795

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​​7897 Natalie Commons Drive 

Denver NC 28037​​


Save Denver Canine Club!

We do not have much time.  Pat has petitioned the courts for a hearing in just a few weeks, when a person will be assigned to sell off DCC to the highest bidder, starting at satisfying the current financial obligations.  However, if we can present to the court the much more desirable solution of simply refinancing DCC and its holding company (currently “PMRS,” but to be renamed upon the refi), it would allow Pat to be free of any financial obligation without destroying the companies).
Why am I seeking a new partner or partners?  DCC is a multi-million dollar company, so the bank requires more investment security than I alone can provide.  They would like to have the backing of another or others who are at least as viable on paper as Pat.  Numbers would of course be provided to anybody with a genuine interest in teaming with me.

DCC was founded July 2, 2015 and has maintained a perfect financial record since (meaning that we have always paid the bills).  There are many programs, procedures and policy changes that I intend to implement which would make the company even more profitable.  It goes without saying that my new co-owner(s) would also be contributing to company improvements.

If you are seriously interested in becoming a DCC owner with me, please contact me directly anytime at: or 704.641.4660

Thank you!
Bob Seitz, Owner

* Feel free to post this information anywhere it would be helpful to saving DCC.

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