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Tony Mooney

After 15 years in the corporate world, Daniel found himself dissatisfied and suffering from burnout and having the desire to find “something more.” People often told Daniel he seemed to possess an innate ability to communicate with dogs. He appeared to be a natural with “man's best friend” and the dogs picked up on him quickly. Leaving the world of suits and ties for shorts and ball cap seemed to be a welcomed fit! Dogs are a passion for Daniel, just as playing drums are.

Daniel accepted an apprenticeship working case studies under the guidance of a working professional dog trainer. This apprenticeship allowed him to attended workshops and seminars with other trainers and Dog professionals throughout the years. For the past 20 years, Daniel has developed extensive experience training just about every imaginable breed common to our area and has dealt with issues as simple as potty training to dogs who can't be left alone or are a danger to be around other animals or people. He has experience working in play yards with groups of up to 35 or more dogs as well as consulting for daycares and boarding facilities. He has acquired numerous testimonials and referrals from veterinarians, clients, and others in the pet industry. Experience is the best teacher.

Corey's family had dogs throughout his childhood. After losing their beloved Cocker Spaniel when Corey was 11 years old, his family decided not to get another pet, but Corey found his passion for working with a friend’s dog during high school.  This was the first time that Corey realized a dog could be more than something that just stayed in the house and out in the yard, but a real companion that could accompany you to the park or the outdoor cafes.

After settling down with a career in construction and buying his first house, He knew that he deeply missed the connection he once had with the family dogs and knew that his house wouldn't be a home until he got a dog to share it with it. After realizing that going home to train his dogs was the highlight of his day, every day, Corey decided to see if there was a way that he could turn his passion into a way to make a living. He researched different methods and tools and where he could learn from experienced trainers. Corey quit his job in construction and took his savings to attend National K9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, OH. He completed the Master Trainer certification program learning skills ranging from Basic and Advanced Obedience to Scent detection, Personal Protection, Police K9, Tracking and Trailing, Puppy Development, Behavior Modification, and Retrieval among other aspects of the business of dog training. In 2012, Corey relocated to Charlotte to work with a friend who started a successful franchise training company. For the next 5 years, Corey trained and worked with thousands of dogs and their human counterparts. While there, Corey had the unique opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, and shadow programs with some of the leaders in the industry regarding pack socialization. Learning how to read body language, pack dynamics, and energy was critical in being able to integrate dogs successfully and safely into socialization situations such as play yards.
In 2017, Corey went on to open his own dog training company Training Through Teamwork where he continues to help clients and their pets achieve and maintain a stronger bond than they previously thought possible. Through self-study, shadow programs, workshops, and yearly Canine Professional Seminars, Corey continues to sharpen his skills but knows that methods, techniques, and tools are always changing and there will always be more to learn.
He looks forward to partnering with DCC and helping our clients discover the calm, confident, companion they have always dreamed of through relationship building and effective communication.

Daniel Proctor

Tony's journey to becoming a professional dog trainer started in 2009.  He had always loved dogs and had them growing up, but when he got his first bulldog and was working with a trainer,  he became fascinated with the process by which they learn and the abilities they have when given the time and training. He began attending seminars and workshops on dog behavior and training techniques. He wanted to learn everything he could about dog training.  At these seminars, he was introduced to the world of dog sport and this increased his passion for training and understanding of dog behavior and development.  Tony enrolled in the Canine Commission LLC and studied under trainer Buddy Lawson.  He also began training his first dog for competition. After completing school, he knew he wanted to pursue dog training on a professional level.  In 2012, he went to work for the Dog TarinngCompany in Charlotte.  He has been training dogs and loving his job since then!  In 2018 he decided to step away from the franchise and train dogs as an independent trainer. His dog, Kodi, has earned 2 titles.  They competed in a National Championship in 2016 and were offered a spot on the World Team.  Kodi has retired from competition but Tony has a new puppy that he is excited to work with. Each dog offers new experiences and challenges.

" I look forward to partnering with Denver Canine Club and starting a new adventure of professional growth. "

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