Denver Canine Club

7897 Natalie Commons Drive, Denver, NC 28037

Phone: (704)966-1795

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​​7897 Natalie Commons Drive 

Denver NC 28037​​

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Food your dog is accustomed to eating:

  • We have a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave available.
  • Please bring all food in a small plastic container with a lid or a ziplock bag. Please do NOT bring large dog food bags as they are easy for dogs to get into and against safety regulations.
  • Please bring enough food for your dog's entire stay, even if you think your dog probably will not eat. We usually attempt to get dogs to eat their food by hand feeding them or adding warm water to dry food. It's also a good idea to pack a couple of extra meals in case you need to extend your stay. We have a limited amount of space to keep large quantities of dog food, so please don't bring far more food than your dog will need for their stay.
  • DO NOT bring a food/water dish as we have our own that will be used.

Current vaccine records from your vet:

  • If your dog's vaccinations have been updated, please provide us with a computer-generated receipt/certificate on a licensed veterinarian's letterhead showing that your dog is current on the Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccines and that your dog has been given the Bordetella vaccine within the last 6 months. As of November 2018, all dogs must be given the Canine Flu Shot.

Medication if needed:

  • We administer pills, drops, ointments, and supplements, and injections.
  • Please do NOT put medication in your dog's breakfast and dinner bags. Keep the medication in its original container and give it to the front office staff with instructions. Some dogs will not eat in the first couple of days, and we want to make sure dogs still get their medication even if they don't eat all of their food.


  • We encourage owners to bring items from home to make them feel more comfortable in their suite. Owners are welcome to bring toys, beds, blankets or anything else from home that will make their dog more comfortable. ​** Please no rawhide or stuffed toys **


What to Bring